Duke JohnThe ZAPU Europe Chairman, Duke Maplanka, met with John Burke, founder of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation {ZHRO} to deliberate on the Petition and demonstration scheduled for this Wednesday 13th December 2023. See Flyer - click the image to enlarge the flyer {in a new window}.

The petition that will be delivered by a delegation of 6 people, including Chief Felix Ndiweni, Duke Maplanka, John Burke, Model and Basil from CCC, Michelle from ROHR and Tafadzwa, to The South African High Commission, then onto Number 10 Downing Street for the 2:00 entry through the secure gates to Downing Street, then round the corner to the FCDO.

13th Dec 2023 DEMO 13This petition challenges the position of the UK Government; which seems to be 'ignoring' the Human Right records & anti-democratic activities of the successive Zanu PF regimes.

To associate and normalise relations with known Human Right violators is an insult to the victims of a genocidal & autocratic Zanu PF regime.

The electoral irregularities that are blatant are an indication just how decrepit & abominable ZEC are. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a constitutionally compliant administration that seeks peace, transparency and adherence to domestic and international law.

Petition HandoverThe incarceration and killing of opposition politicians must stop!


Petition hand over went very well today over 45 Zimbabweans from all over the UK attended. We have the FLICKR PHOTO LOG here to view the 180 photos and videos. We have also written an article on a sister website regarding the day - CLICK HERE to read - in addition the PETITION can be READ or DOWNLOADED here too!

We will write up the experience of the day late Wednesday evening, and John and ZHRO will produce a Photo-log of the day on their Flickr website - arranged by events by date