Matters are now coming to a crisis point. The SADC Mission Final Report is out, with many "recommendations" - but Zanu PF are deaf, dumb and blind to such matters. One only has to endure the crass toadying of the {ex- mental health nurse} - Nasty {mouth} Nick - to see how the faithful acolytes {and paid apologists} of the party propaganda machine behave in the face of blatant illegalities.

It is however, a combined problem related to the {debased} Constitution {and its ammendments}, The Electoral Acts { as gerrymandered by Zanu PF illegal MP's, Illegal Ministers, and the Illegal 'President' {self} elected Ed Mnangagwa} - Psychopath-in-Chief - there can be no other descriptor! Gukurahundi, the looting of the Congo, and fired {quite correctly} by Mugabe - ""Robert Mugabe has fired his vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, for showing traits of "disloyalty, disrespect and deceitfulness".""

So let us focus on the conclusions of SADC and look at the following items for a 'way out' of this Zanu PF {power crazed lunatics} by reviewing the following {thank you to VERITAS ZIM NET}

  1. The Constitution {or what is left of it}
  2. The {constantly ammended} Electoral Acts
  3. The Financial incentives paid to the Judiciary proir to August 2023
  4. The overtly Partisan ZEC {and their Zanu PF puppet chair}
  5. and the SADC Final Report itself

Now better scholars than I need to  sift through these laws, constitution, etc and to develop a plan - a strategy to remove Zanu PF from its INFESTATION of the 'governmental activities' within Zimbabwe. Zanu PF is a Mafia, a cancer upon the Republic of Zimbabwe. As a Republic they are the main problem. They are a 'Criminal Enterprise' masqurading as a political party. Supported by all the corrupted organs of government - from the bent police, to the Army Generals and the enriched {to the tune of $500,000 "soft loans"} senior Judiciary!

"The authorities have weaponized the criminal justice system against the ruling party’s political opponents. CCC politicians have been held in prolonged pre-trial detention or convicted on baseless, seemingly politically motivated charges." Human Rights Watch August 2023 - "Crush them like Lice" Ed M's rant and psychosis screams out to his minions.

"Crucial for addressing electoral rights is an independent and impartial national election commission. However, there are serious concerns about the independence, composition, and conduct of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). Past elections were widely perceived as problematic largely because the ZEC has been closely aligned with the interests of the ruling party. The management of the ZEC secretariat remains in the hands of people widely believed to be ZANU-PF sympathizers. These individuals, many of whom have ties to the country’s military, police, and intelligence services, supervised previous deeply flawed electoral processes." From the same report by Human Rights Watch as above.

"Altogether deliberate and targeted Electoral Commission ‘ineptitude’ – illegalities and technicalities, plus briberies and threats of violence – marked the election. These abuses were called out by observers, notably those of the Southern African Development Community led by former Zambian Vice President, Dr Nevers Mumba, who came under sustained abuse for his findings and critical judgement that the election had not been free and fair." One of the excellent concluding paragraphs by Stephen Chan in the African Arguments Organisation.