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The People’s Congress shall be the supreme organ of ZAPU. It shall comprise of the following voting delegates:  
1. Five delegates from each branch duly selected by the branch 
2. The National People’s Council (N.P.C.), including the National Executive Council (N.E.C.) and the National Council of Elders (N.C.E.)  
3. Three delegates from each District  
4. All Provincial Executive Committee (P.E.C.) members 
5. All Regional Coordinators and staff shall be in attendance.  
6. The NPC may in its own discretion invite any person, organisation or Party to participate in the Congress as a nonvoting delegate or observer.

Elective Congress Procedures

a. The Congress shall determine its own procedure.

b. The Chairperson of the National Council of Elders shall chair the congress. 

c. Nominations of persons for the positions in the National Executive Council (N.E.C.) shall come from provinces in accordance with the provisions of this constitution. However, a person may be nominated from the floor of the congress provided 25 per cent of the delegates present support the nomination.

d. All persons nominated in terms of paragraph c. above shall be required to sign to indicate their acceptance of the nomination by signing acceptance forms which shall be provided to them by the Secretary General.  

e. The elections shall be conducted by the elections committee selected by the NEC from the National Council of Elders and voting shall be by secret ballot. 

f. The NPC shall recommend an agenda for Congress.

g. The NEC may call for a special congress. 

h. 50 per cent of the branches may call upon the Secretary General to convene a special congress. 

i. Decisions of the congress shall be by a simple majority or by a show of hands. However, if there is a contentious issue, a third of the delegates may call for the matter to be decided by ballot.

 j. The President shall give a comprehensive report to congress on the state of the Party and the nation. 

k. The Treasurer General shall give a report to congress on the state of the Party finances, including an income and expenditure statement and an external auditor’s report if necessary or required. 

l. The Secretary General shall give a comprehensive report on the state of the Party’s administration.  m. Provincial chairpersons may be required to give a report on the state of their provinces.  
Powers of Congress  
1. Congress shall determine the policy and programmes of the Party. 
2. Congress shall have the power to ratify, rescind or alter any  decisions of any organ of the Party.
3. The Party shall, except where otherwise provided in this  Constitution, meet in National Congress once every five years.  
4. Only congress can dissolve ZAPU.  
1. The NEC shall appoint not less than 5 people from the National Council of Elders to form the Elections Committee. Nominations for appointment to the committee shall come from the provinces.
2. The committee shall elect one of their own as chairperson.  
3. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for the preparation  and conduct of elections at the congress.  
4. The Elections Committee shall receive nominations from the Secretary General and prepare a ballot.  
5. The Committee shall prepare ballot boxes and supervise the election.  
6. The Committee shall further be responsible for organising and supervising the counting of votes and announcement of results to the Congress.

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