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This body shall be the next in seniority to the National People’s Congress. The National People’s Council shall consist of the following:  
1.1. All members of the National Executive Council;

1.2. Ten members from each of the Party Provinces nominated by them and approved by Congress; 
1.3. All members of the National Council of Elders; 
1.4. The national chairperson and secretary of ZAWU;  
1.5. The national chairperson and secretary of the Youth Front;  
1.6. A person seconded to the N.P.C. by the National Council of People Living with Disabilities, by whatever name such a body may be called; 
1.7. In the spirit of gender representation at least a third of directly elected members shall wherever possible be women.  
 Functions of the NPC  
2.1. The NPC shall meet at least twice a year or at such intervals as the NEC may from time to time decide. 
2.2. Members of the NPC, other than ex-officio members, hold office for five years and shall be eligible for re-election.  
2.3. The NCE shall elect among its members, 5 persons to serve as the National Disciplinary Appeals Committee, one of whom shall wherever possible be a lawyer. Where the National Disciplinary Committee sits as a forum of first instance, the National Council of Elders shall appoint an ad hoc National Disciplinary Committee of five members other than the permanent members first mentioned, and shall include one each from ZAWU and the Youth Front. 
The NPC shall elect 5 people as members of the elections committee. The persons so elected need not be members of the NPC.
2.4. The NPC shall approve or reject nominations for candidates for local government, regional government and national government elections submitted to it by the provinces , after having due regard to all the circumstances. However, if the NPC rejects a candidate, it must refer the matter back to the province that nominated the rejected candidate for the province to nominate a replacement candidate. 
2.5. The NPC shall formulate the policies of the Party in between National Congresses.  
2.6. Where there is a dispute on the interpretation of a rule, clause or policy, the NPC shall be the final arbiter on the matter in between National Congresses.  
2.7. The NPC may, after having due regard to the performance of a member and the interests of the Party and the laws of the country, recall a member who has been deployed in whatever office. Any person who refuses to obey an order of recall shall be considered automatically expelled from the Party.  
NPC Sub-Committees  
3.1. The NPC may appoint sub committees to advise it on policy development or on any matter.  
3.2. The sub committees shall be chaired by members of the NPC.   8.8.3. The chairperson of the sub-committee may invite any member of the Party, having regard to the person’s expertise, to be a member of the sub-committee.
 The sub committees are organs of the NPC and thus account to the NPC.
3.5. The NPC shall at the first session or at any time thereafter elect one of their number as its Chairperson and such chairperson shall hold office until the next Congress, unless sooner substituted.  
3.6. Members of the NPC in each Province shall elect a Chairperson who shall convene meetings regularly at least once a month

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