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Natural resources and development

Natural resources and development

Zimbabwe is blessed with abundant natural resources that have allowed our people to earn a living in diverse agro-ecological zones ranging from semi-arid grasslands to mountain forests. Climate change and climate variability may be changing the rhythm of life as manifested in extreme weather events. As a result of climate change and climate variability:
 Rain-fed agriculture may become more difficult in some areas as rains come late and in unpredictable quantity.  Some areas may become warmer and wetter (more humidity), with mixed results such as greater crop yields but more vector-born diseases such as malaria which were relatively unknown.  There are likely to be more natural disasters, in the form of droughts, floods and wildfires.  Levels in some dams may be frequently and increasingly too low for hydropower generation and irrigation because of shifts in rainfall patterns.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 30/08/2017

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